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acne treatment for adults: Synonymous with adolescence in the collective imagination, acne can persist – even appear – into adulthood. Then felt as anachronistic, it can be even more badly experienced. But it is not necessarily inevitable. Here is a doctor’s advice to prevent and treat late acne specifically.

“At the age when perfumery saleswomen and my friends only talk about the first anti-wrinkle creams, I am still at the stage of anti-acne treatment for adults. And yet, I already have crow’s feet… ”. For Laura, 25, the persistence of acne treatment for adults – this annoyance that is often thought to be reserved for adolescents – in adulthood is a source of annoyance.

“We are told that at 30, we are at the height of our femininity, but when I look at myself in a mirror, I still only see the 15-year-old girl who was already complexed by her buttons, 15 years ago” , adds Laetitia, 31 years old.

acne treatment for adults

Women on the front line

Acne and complexes… Even in adulthood, the equation changes little. Doctor Jean-Loup Dervaux just tempers his psychological scope: “Adolescence is a period of great uncertainty where we question ourselves a lot. The adult woman is calmer: she will not accept these marks on her cheerful face, but they will not have an impact as loud as during adolescence.

On the other hand, one thing is certain: while juvenile acne concerns boys more, acne treatment for adults mainly affects women. Its shape also changes since it will then focus on the lower part of the face, especially around the mouth and on the chin.

In question? “Hormones, always”, assures Jean-Loup Dervaux. “Once they reach adulthood, humans have a certain hormonal stability. While the woman undergoes a lasting instability linked to the rules, to the pregnancy… ”This explains why some women see their juvenile acne treatment for adults continue until their 40 spring while others can discover the first attack of acne in 25, 30, or 35 years old, when they had never suffered from it before. “All cases are possible. The most at-risk profile? Those who initially have oily skin, which secretes a lot of sebum, and who experience significant hormonal fluctuations. “All ages combined, 40% of women under 40 complain of having acne regularly.

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Recognize the triggering factors

If acne is still of hormonal origin, its late onset is linked to factors that can be identified… and therefore limited. acne treatment for adults can for example be linked to the prescription of drugs (in particular to hormonal or cortisone-based treatments) or to the exercise of certain professions (in particular for all those who work in contact with chlorine or tar)

For others, it is special circumstances that will trigger the appearance of pimples. The most common ? The abuse of cosmetics or the use of poor quality cosmetics. Because products that are too fatty, especially too oily, risk clogging the pores of the skin. In contrast, the abuse of skin cleansers can achieve the same result. “Over-treating your skin is not always a good thing,” says the doctor. This destroys the normal skin flora and nature hates a vacuum, it will give way to the most aggressive microbes ”.

The third factor – and not least as soon as you return from vacation – the sun! A real false-friend that acts in two stages: it will certainly dry out the skin at the time, but the improvement will be short-lived because, after exposure, acne treatment for adults starts again.

Finally, friction, however harmless, can facilitate inflammation and infection of the skin. Headband, helmet … Sometimes long hair, simply, can promote seizures.

The importance of a healthy lifestyle

If some of these factors, once known, can be limited or even eliminated, Dr Jean-Loup Dervaux insists on the role of our daily hygiene. The worst enemy of our skin? “Smoking,” he replies without hesitation. Not only does it promote the occurrence of acne, but it also makes it more difficult to treat! “

Another reason to forget about cigarettes and focus on regular exercise and a balanced diet. “In the event of acne treatment for adults, a regular supply of zinc can be interesting, continues the doctor. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, it stimulates the immune system. »And therefore helps us fight against the microbes that threaten our skin. “So choose spinach, seafood, mushrooms, and foods rich in omega 3 and 6, such as fatty fish and vegetable oils. “

Appropriate care

How to treat your skin to prevent or limit this late acne treatment for adults? For the doctor, it is never too late to recall a basic rule: one should never handle blackheads. Because it will irritate them with a major risk, that it leaves scars.

As for daily care, they must be adapted so as not to further attack the skin. First reflex: give up your soap for gentle cleaning solutions. And don’t over-wash. Because contact with water causes maceration which weakens the skin. “In the evening, use a non-comedogenic make-up remover, recommends Jean-Loup Dervaux. Then rinse the entire face with lukewarm water then apply an alcohol-free tonic lotion followed by a moisturizing milk, also non-comedogenic. »If necessary, ask your dermatologist for advice, who will be able to advise you on the most suitable products for your skin.

Some treatments can also give you a boost. For the doctor, it is important to help the skin to drain through a facial sauna. The user manual? “Stand over a bowl of hot water containing antiseptic essential oils (such as thyme, eucalyptus, or lavender). The moist heat will help to fluidify and evacuate excess sebum.

When to consult?

Some seasonal or transient acne treatment for adults can be treated with local treatments available to the general public in pharmacies or drugstores. If these usually effective treatments do not give results, it is time to consult a dermatologist who can prescribe an appropriate treatment.

“Among the most common treatments, there are vitamin A derivatives which can be used locally or systemically,” explains Jean-Loup Dervaux. They are only prescribed with the contraceptive pill because they can cause malformations if the patient becomes pregnant during or within two months after treatment. Also, be careful, these treatments make the skin thinner and therefore more sensitive to the sun. Avoid any exposure and rely on maximum sun protection in all circumstances. It is also possible to prescribe anti-androgens to reverse the effects of testosterone. This is the case with some anti gestational pills. Without forgetting the zinc, already mentioned, which can also be recommended, locally or by the general route.

acne treatment for adults

acne treatment for adults natural solutions

If the possible side effects of such treatments bother you, Dr. Dervaux also advises some natural alternatives. “You can use trace elements: manganese-cobalt in case of recurrent acne treatment for adults but also the copper-gold-silver trio which will stimulate the immune defenses (and therefore limit acne, which is nothing other than infection). microbial). “

You can also turn to homeopathy. “If there are black spots, choose selenium. In the presence of pustules, calcium Bromium, which is the typical drug for juvenile acne but which always has a local action on acne treatment for adults.

Finally, on the side of herbal medicine, the doctor advises burdock, wild pansy, and blackcurrant. “You can clean your face with an infusion with the first two or with thyme or lavender. We can also make lukewarm compresses to apply on very inflamed pimples ”. Finally, the last traditional remedy which has largely proved its worth according to him: “green clay masks”, possibly enriched with essential oil of sage. Its virtues? It protects the epidermis from microbes and bacteria and absorbs excess sebum. It would even have a regenerating power for skin of a certain age: a natural treatment for those who dream of preventing the appearance of pimples and wrinkles in a single gesture.

acne treatment for adults, acne treatment for adults

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