best exercises with resistance bands

best exercises with resistance bands: One of the best options for your workouts at home is resistance bands, due to their versatility, comfort, and variety to work all the muscles of the body. These are the best exercises with resistance bands you can do.

best exercises with resistance bands

best exercises with resistance bands at home: we tell you their benefits and the best exercises for your upper and lower body

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Exercises at home: integral upper body with resistance bands

best exercises with resistance bands or rubber bands are perfect for training at home or complete your fitness routines in the gym. Why? Because they are comfortable, versatile and a great help to train all muscles. Upper body, lower body, core … you will tone the whole body and you can vary the resistance and increase the intensity of the exercise as you consider. Also, they are much cheaper than other types of fitness equipment such as kettlebells or dumbbells.

Its benefits are many: the risk of injury is considerably lower as the movements are less aggressive, you gain in joint mobility, the impact on your muscles is also less aggressive, you attack more angles and, above all, it allows you to work both strength and resistance and even volume. If what you are looking for is hypertrophy, of course, they are not the best tool, but if your goal is to define the summer for the face or simply to maintain shape and your muscle mass, they are a good option.

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The best exercises with resistance bands or resistance bands workout upper body

These first 10 exercises with rubber bands are mainly focused on the arms, shoulders, back and chest.

1- Bicep curl

As simple as choosing a rubber with the appropriate resistance, stepping on one end, and performing a bicep curl with each arm, concentrating the movement at the top of the exercise. Between 15 and 20 repetitions with each arm seeking maximum muscle tension.

2- Biceps in ‘high pulley’

A classic pulley arm exercise, this time with rubber. We place the band at the height of our shoulders more or less and we curl without fully stretching the arm. We give you rhythm looking for maximum pumping with this exercise with rubber bands. The same, between 15 and 20 repetitions with each arm.

3- Concentrated bicep curl

A concentrate to finish off the biceps, but inverted to surprise the muscle. 15 repetitions with each arm.

4- Row to the chin

Feet shoulder width apart, we step on the rubber and execute a chin row to activate the shoulders and traps. 15 to 20 repetitions.

5- One-handed rowing

There are also rubber exercises for the lats and this is one of the most effective and easy to do. Sitting, legs stretched out and we move the back to activate it to the maximum. 15 repetitions with each arm.

6- Back shoulder on high pulley

In the same position, but we pull the rubber over our head to give the back shoulder an edge. Between 15 and 20 repetitions.

7- Anterior deltoid press

Now it’s time to work the front part of the shoulder, and with this press exercise you just have to worry about finding the right muscle tension. 15 repetitions with each arm.

8- Bicep curl with ‘bar’

More work for the biceps, but with both arms at the same time. 20 butt reps.

9- One hand shoulder press

Another press for the delts and work it more comprehensively. 15 lifts with each arm.

10- Triceps extensions

Typical triceps movement, but we changed the dumbbell for this rubber exercise. Stretch your arm well at the end. 20 repetitions with each arm.

best exercises with resistance bands

best exercises with resistance bands: the 5 best exercises for the lower body

1- Squats with resistance band

Overhead squats with a band across the thighs, just a little above the knees.

2- Donkey kick

Execute the movement as the video shows, slowing down the movement as much as possible.

3- Quadriceps with resistance band

There are many exercises, but our favorite is, in a lunge position and stepping on the rubber band with the hands grasping each end, going up and down gently fighting against the resistance of the band.

4- Hip thrust

Resistance band around the thighs, and raise and lower the hips with the back supported on a bench.

5- Jump squat

As in the overhead squat, but adding a horizontal or vertical jump.

Core exercises with resistance bands

1- Dead bug

It will put great stress on your entire abdominal wall. We just have to be careful not to force the spine and maintain the natural position of the body.

2- Press pallof

It is also very easy to perform with a resistance band. Anchor the rubber to any door and you’re done.

3- Plank row with resistance band

In addition to working the lats of the back, you will exercise your core by executing it in a plank position .

4- Crunches with band

Anchor the resistance band, place it under your arms, in the armpits, and go up and down doing the traditional crunches or shrugs.

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