Best cupping near me and what is cupping therapy?

Until very recently, cupping therapy, or commonly known as cupping near me was a technique of therapeutic intervention quite unknown to all. However, after the Rio 2016 Olympic games, we all wonder what those brands are that some athletes used to compete with on their backs.

cupping near me

What is cupping therapy? cupping near me

The first thing we should know is that the cupping therapy /cupping near me technique belongs to traditional Chinese medicine, so its use has been going on for thousands of years. The basic principle is the application of a suction cup on the skin, to which we are going to cause a vacuum effect, in order to improve the local vascularization of the area, thus allowing a greater flow of oxygen and nutrients and a greater withdrawal of catabolites and waste substances.

The vacuum effect was originally caused by the introduction of a burning cotton, which caused the combustion of oxygen inside the suction cup and its subsequent vacuum effect. Currently, the suction cups consist of a one-way valve system, with a lever that when activated causes the vacuum effect, thus avoiding the possible risk of burning the cotton.

What does history tell us about this technique?

As we have mentioned before, it is a technique whose use dates back thousands of years. There is evidence that the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, etc., already used this technique as a therapeutic tool, and that lunar cycles were even taken into account at the time of its application to enhance these therapeutic effects.

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How are the suction cups applied?

The application of the suction cup is carried out directly on the patient’s skin. Originally, it was used in the route along the entire spinal column, in an even numbering that oscillates between 6 and 10 suction cups.

Once placed on both sides of the spine, in the path of the paravertebral muscles, they are left for approximately ten or fifteen minutes, during which time the purplish effect (local hyperemia) occurs on the skin. Once this time has elapsed, the suction cups are removed.

However, there are other modes of application. Such is the case with the myofascial release massage with a suction cup. To do this, the suction cup is applied to the skin, and a sliding movement is induced on it, performing a friction massage and releasing the myofascial tissue.

Therapeutic effects attributed to cupping therapy

As the first and most important effect and analgesic action ( pain reduction) are associated with it. This is achieved through the improvement of local blood flow, thus producing the arrival of nutrients, oxygen, and the removal of waste products. All this will have a detoxifying and cleansing effect on the body. In addition, it produces a myofascial release, improving interarticular sliding (between the different tissues of the body).

cupping near me

Does it have side effects?

Like any technique, a bad application of it can lead to the appearance of complications. That is why it is necessary for it to be carried out by a highly qualified professional.

Possible side effects of cupping therapy?

  • The main side effect is local erythema that lasts about a week (without clinical complications)
  • If applied for a longer time it can cause blisters, skin damage.
  • If the application of the vacuum is done with cotton, there is a possible risk of burns if a bad practice is done.
  • Suction cups often cause marks on the skin. This is due to bringing blood to the surface, similar to a bruise. For patients with bleeding disorders such as hemophilia or who are being treated with blood thinners, cupping/cupping near me may not be the best treatment option. People with these conditions should discuss the pros and cons of treatment with their acupuncturist or physician before receiving cupping/cupping near me therapy. Cupping therapy/cupping near me should not be performed on sites of the skin with active inflammation, burns, infection, or open wounds. Some discomfort may occur but should not be considered a side effect. Moderate and temporary discomfort is expected as stagnation is removed and connective tissue and muscles loosen.

What does science say about this technique?

Currently, traditional Chinese medicine, and specifically in this case cupping therapy/cupping near me are considered pseudosciences, not supported by the scientific community. To make sure, we have carried out a bibliographic search in the main databases on medicine and physiotherapy (Pubmed, Medline, PEDro ..).


As a technique, cupping therapy/cupping near me has been used for many years in the reduction of pain in skeletal muscles and other pathologies.

Like any therapy/cupping near me, a bad application of it can lead to side effects and adverse reactions, which is why the application is required by a qualified professional, who knows how to make a good differential diagnosis.

The problem, as happened in previous years with the neuromuscular or kinesiotape bandage, is that when it becomes fashionable due to its application in elite sport, it can lead to confusion if it is not done with discretion.

As we always defend, the physiotherapist is the appropriate professional in the assessment and treatment of pathologies that concern the musculoskeletal system, since they have the appropriate tools for diagnosis, evaluation and application of the specific treatment to each case.

There is promising evidence in favor of the use of wet cupping/cupping near me for musculoskeletal pain, specifically NSLBP, neck pain, CTS, and brachialis. Better quality trials are needed to generate robust evidence and inform policymakers strongly.

We are in the search that there are some studies that support the effect of cupping /cupping near me in the treatment of muscle-skeletal pain.

Lower Back Pain Cupping Therapy

We now also offer cupping therapy/cupping near me in addition to adjustments, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, thermal modalities, acupuncture, and massage. The fee for this service is $ 10 or more, depending on the time it takes for the treatment.

cupping near me

New research on lower back pain

 A new meta-analysis and review of the literature on spinal manipulative therapy, which includes chiropractic adjustments, reported in JAMA on April 11 this year and was referenced by NPR that same day.
Dr. Paul Shekelle and his associates found that spinal manipulative therapy /cupping near me offered “statistically significant benefits in both pain and function.” Minor adverse effects were seen in many of the studies, symptoms such as headache and muscle stiffness. However, this did not diminish the positive findings of reduced pain and increased function.
In fact, Patti Neighmond, in NPR Health News, reporting on the same study, writes that improvement in pain through spinal manipulation is equivalent to an improvement in patients receiving nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen.

One of the researchers, Dr. Richard Deyo, published an editorial along with the meta-analysis that discussed the importance of combining these studies to promote understanding of spinal manipulation. The studies included practitioners who were not chiropractors, but also performed spinal manipulation, so it may not be fair to group them all together. Also, the researchers did not include studies on sciatica and chronic back pain. Still, despite these factors, the evidence that spinal adjustments are safe and effective for acute low back pain continues to grow.
In addition to this study on spinal manipulation, other researchers have studied the effects of acupuncture on lower back pain, including chronic low back pain. A study published in 2015 in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, reviewed twelve studies. The authors found that acupuncture was clinically effective in relieving pain and improving function. Some of the studies looked at acupuncture as an additional therapy/cupping near me and these results were also positive.
This type of action is important as researchers combine data from many studies. They carefully examine the factors for each and determine the orientation of the data after examining a large number of participants. In this way, we get a better understanding of the case. Researchers can only do these meta-analyses or system reviews once the number of studies reaches a critical mass that makes it significant.

Doctor Heal Yourself

A few days ago, while drinking my morning coffee, the newscaster on CNN described a new study reporting an increased risk of heart attack for patients taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen. The increased risk was surprisingly high, 20-50% compared to people not taking NSAIDs. It didn’t matter how much or how long they took the medications either.

This is not only annoying for me as a medical professional, but also for my own health. It’s rare, but it happens; sometimes I succumb and take ibuprofen for minor pain. Most of the time I try other things first, like an ice pack or stretching exercises. It’s kind of lazy to take a pill, right?

The researchers caution that this is not proven causation. It is an association. There can be many other factors involved. If a person’s risk of heart attack is very low, then an increase like this might not be very significant. However, isn’t that reason enough to omit it? If the risk of heart attack is associated with ibuprofen, why take that risk?

All I know is that I’m going to stop and think some more before I get to the pill bottle. You may also choose to hesitate, especially considering the aforementioned research showing that spinal manipulative therapy /cupping near me produces the same level of pain relief as a dose of NSAIDs.

* Doctor’s note: You may have noticed that the office has been busier in the past year. So many of you have given us positive reviews and given good references. For that, we thank you once again. It is an exciting time when we have been working to adjust to our new patient load. We have had several meetings, all staff, to discuss ways to better handle the busiest days. We really appreciate your patience as we improve our efficiency. If you get in and out faster than usual, we assure you that you are receiving the same quality treatment that you expect from our team. If you’ve had to wait a bit, please know that we are still fine-tuning our system. As always, if you have any concerns or questions, feel free to speak with me or one of the staff. Thanks again.

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