Best 3 tips to diet and lose weight fast

The quality of a diet and lose weight and the stability of the results obtained depend on a set of factors that are inseparable from one another. Indeed, it is not enough to fix your attention on the number of calories to hope to obtain lasting results. In this article, discover all our tips for dieting worthy of the name and achieving your slimming goals.

diet and lose weight

3 Golden rules for choosing the right diet and lose weight

In the market, weight loss programs keep on multiplying. So it can be very complicated to make a choice and to get an objective idea of ​​each program. To diet healthily and obtain lasting results, however, there are three golden rules that must be followed scrupulously.

Eat a suitable diet and lose weight 

To choose a consistent diet, it is essential that it is adapted or adaptable in every way to your lifestyle and your weight loss goal. For example, there’s no point in going on a diet that requires 1 hour of cooking per day if you can’t usually spend more than 15 minutes preparing your meals. Likewise, it is not necessary to start a program to lose 10 kg if your goal is simply to free yourself from 2 extra pounds. To make real changes in diet, adaptation must be the key word. Finally, avoid impersonal diets that leave no room for taking into account your specific energy needs. 

Choose a diet that emphasizes dietary diversity 

Eating smart means accepting the idea that each food category has its place in a varied and balanced diet. ( diet and lose weight ) Beyond that, a quality diet emphasizes dietary diversity. Therefore, avoid eating programs that consist of eating the same thing or excluding certain foods for weeks. In the long term, this type of private plan will not have any positive repercussions. Also, it should be noted that the notion of pleasure must remain central in the diet to avoid an obsessive relationship and a feeling of prejudicial lassitude.

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Avoid restrictive and exclusive diets

A quality food program is never all about calorie control. Indeed, many other aspects of the diet must come before the number of calories ingested. In addition, restrictive diets ( diet and lose weight ) that exclude certain foods are real dangers for the body. Indeed, it is these same diets that often lead to excessive weight gain, the development of conflicting behavior with food and certain nutritional deficiencies. To avoid this type of diet, ( diet and lose weight ) just remember that the body cannot stay healthy without a minimum of calories (1200 to 1500 kcal) and that all food categories are essential.

How to weigh yourself well to evaluate the results of a diet?

Even when choosing a qualitative diet, ( diet and lose weight ) a large part of the errors of judgment arise when stepping on the scales. Indeed, the scale is the most common way to assess the results of a diet. ( diet and lose weight ) You still have to know how to weigh yourself correctly and interpret the number indicated by the scale correctly. 

First of all, it should be remembered that to be sustainable, weight loss should not exceed 1 to 1.5 kg per week. Although this may sound frustrating, it is a truth to be taken into consideration. Beyond that, and even if the balance will seem lenient to you, you risk losing mainly muscle and water. So it has no interest. 

Tips for weighing yourself correctly: 

  • Do not step on the scale more than once a week 
  • Weigh yourself at the same time of day 
  • Always choose the same outfit to step on the scale 
  • Go to the bathroom before weighing yourself 
  • Always weigh yourself on the same scale to avoid unnecessary deviations
  • Avoid weighing yourself after a meal

Also, be aware that the weight can vary significantly depending on transit, water retention or hormonal disorders. Likewise, the development of muscle mass tends to stabilize the number on the scale. For these reasons, it is essential to take the number indicated by the scale with a lot of hindsight and not to give it too much importance. Taking your measurements or using witness pants are other equally interesting and much more concrete options to assess your progress. 

diet and lose weight

How to make a balanced diet? Example of a day of slimming meals

To help you eat a balanced diet ( diet and lose weight ) and assess recommended amounts, here is a typical day for slimming meals. This example should be tailored to your specific needs and level of activity. 

BreakfastLunchHaving dinner
Orange juice or wholeGreen tea without sugar 100 g of cottage cheese with 30 g of almond muesli and 5 g of honey 150 g of raw vegetables salad in olive oil 120 g chicken fillet 150 g of brown rice 200 g green beans 25 g of cream cheese Seasonal fruit 250 ml of cauliflower soup with turmeric Omelette (2 eggs) with potatoes and red peppers 125 g of plain yogurt 100 g of homemade compote without added sugar 

Homemade pear and cinnamon compote recipe

This slimming recipe is ideal for dieting ( diet and lose weight ) without any frustration. Without added sugars, it is perfect to end the meal on a gourmet note. Also, it can be used to flavor desserts and yogurts to avoid the addition of white sugar. 

For 2 people 

  • 1 apple, peeled and cubed 
  • 1 pear, peeled and cubed 
  • 1/2 tsp. powdered Ceylon cinnamon
  • 2 drops of vanilla extract 
  • 100 ml of water 


  1. To make this slimming compote, place all the ingredients in a small saucepan. 
  2. Then bring the mixture to a boil. Immediately lower the heat and cook the fruit for 30 minutes over low heat. At the end of cooking, the water must be evaporated and the fruits must be very tender and cooked through. 
  3. Finally, crush the fruit more or less finely using a puree press or a hand blender. Let the homemade compote cool before eating or storing it in the refrigerator.

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