Best 3 herbal slimming tea: what to think of teas for weight loss?

Green tea is recognized as one of the most effective herbal slimming tea allies. But is this reputation really justified? And what are the many cures based on herbal slimming tea/ yogi slimming tea on the market worth? In this article, discover some tips for using tea correctly for healthy and lasting weight loss.

Benefits of tea for weight loss

Tea is a drink full of active substances beneficial to the health of the body. Among them, we find in particular theine, EGCG, catechin, tannins, polyphenols, and many other antioxidant substances. This exceptional composition makes tea the ultimate slimming and healthy drink. Recent studies show that regular green tea drinkers have a lower BMI and waist circumference than those who do not usually drink tea. 

For good reason, tea for weight loss is interesting on several levels. First of all, it is a diuretic drink that promotes renal elimination of water and prevents water retention in the tissues. The theine, or caffeine, contained in tea stimulates the metabolism and promotes the burning of fat in the body. This last action is reinforced by the presence of antioxidants. Catechins, in particular, allow a better distribution of fat in the body and stimulate the production of norepinephrine, ideal for increasing daily energy expenditure. Also, tea naturally increases vitality and energy levels while promoting the elimination of toxins and metabolic waste.

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What is Herbal slimming tea/ka oir slimming tea?

Herbal Slimming Tea/yogi slimming tea is a little different from classic green tea. Indeed, Herbal slimming teas are called tea mixtures which contain one or more active substances recognized for their slimming effect. In this category, we find detox tea, fat-burning tea, flat stomach tea, or even appetite suppressant tea. 

Thus, each of these mixtures are supplemented with dried plants or beneficial active ingredients. In detox tea, we can find extracts of guarana, spirulina or birch. Tea burns fat, meanwhile, often contains assets such as guarana, ginger or red fruits. In fact, there are hundreds of recipes and formulas that are very different from each other. 

In addition, there are more and more tea-based slimming cures intended to lose weight by following a program in which tea has a special place. Often, these cures last about thirty days and consist of drinking 1 to 4 cups of Herbal Slimming tea per day.

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Drinking green tea to lose weight: is it really effective?

The benefits of tea for weight loss are undeniable. A quality tea can be a valuable ally in losing weight, fighting against water retention and promoting fat burning. However, this requires choosing a natural and high quality tea. It is recommended to choose a loose, organic tea and to respect the infusion times indicated by the manufacturer. 

Be careful, however, tea is not a miracle cure for weight loss. Its consumption is only of interest if it is integrated into a healthy and varied diet. Without a healthy lifestyle, tea for weight loss has relatively little interest. For an optimal effect, favor a diet that gives pride of place to seasonal plants, whole grains, lean proteins and essential fatty acids. 

Finally, tea for weight loss should be consumed in moderation. It is recommended not to exceed 3 cups per day because of the caffeine content which could disturb sleep and cause heart rhythm disturbances. In addition, tea should be consumed away from meals because the tannins it contains disrupt the proper absorption of iron contained in food.

Ginger Cinnamon tea Fat Burning Tea Recipe

Here is a recipe for fat burning tea made with cinnamon and ginger. The ingredients contained in this ka oir slimming tea/yogi slimming tea have positive effects on digestion and promote the elimination of toxins by the organs. 

For 1 person 

  • 200 ml of quality green tea 
  • 1 cm of grated ginger root 
  • 1 stick of Ceylon cinnamon 
  • 5 g of quality honey 


  1. To achieve this fat-burning tea, simply steep your tea in simmering water according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 
  2. In a cup, place the honey, cinnamon, and grated ginger. Once ready, pour the Herbal Slimming tea into the cup then mix before tasting hot.

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Lemon iced green tea recipe for weight loss

Iced tea is a great way to take your slimming green tea everywhere with you and to drink it more easily every day. The ingredients in this recipe promote the burning of fat and the elimination of toxins. 

For 500 ml of iced slimming green tea 

  • 500 ml of infused green tea 
  • The juice of an untreated lemon + 2 slices
  • 50 g red currants or blueberries 
  • 1 C. quality honey 


  1. To make this green tea recipe for weight loss, start by diluting the honey in the still-hot brewed tea. 
  2. Then, in a carafe, place the lemon juice, the washed currants, and the lemon slices. Pour the hot honey tea over it then let it cool completely before putting it in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours. This herbal slimming tea/yogi slimming tea can be consumed with ice cubes for even more freshness.

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