Hillary Clinton plastic surgery and Biography

Hillary Clinton plastic surgery: On Thursday, December 12, Hillary Clinton made an appearance at an event on Broadway. At the Imperial Theater in New York, the former First Lady was resplendent. The Daily Mail has taken an interest in her beauty secrets and is wondering if she hasn’t had plastic surgery.

hillary clinton plastic surgery

Hillary Clinton

Profession: Politician, Senator of the State of New York
Real name: Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton
Sign: Scorpio
Date of birth: Sunday, October 26, 1947
Country: United States

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Hillary Clinton plastic surgery / Hillary Clinton would she have given in to the sirens of cosmetic surgery? In essence, this is the question the Daily Mail wanted to answer, photos in support, after its appearance on Broadway, Thursday, December 12. That day, the former First Lady was in New York City with her husband to attend the musical Ain’t Too Proud: The Temptations Musical. Before joining Bill Clinton backstage, she arrived in a fuchsia pink and black outfit and “looked wonderfully young”, according to our British colleagues who compared the shots from that evening to her last public appearance.” Her glowing skin was visibly smoother and her cheeks more defined than earlier in the week when she spoke at the annual human rights awards dinner,  they believed.

To support their theory of the use of cosmetic surgery or to erase their doubt, they interviewed a specialist. Dr. Ross Perry initially confessed that Hillary Clinton / Hillary Clinton plastic surgery was “genetically blessed” with especially clear skin. But according to him, she might also have had Botox® injections or even blepharoplasty, an operation to reduce the impact of time on the face. “Hillary Clinton /Hillary Clinton plastic surgery looks fantastic and I would say maybe this is due to the regular adjustments and procedures, which gives a noticeable result of doing a dramatic job all at once,” he told the tabloid before describing the face of Bill Clinton’s wife: “His forehead is particularly smooth, which suggests that Botox was administered to the forehead, brow line and around the eyes, as there appear to be minimal crow’s feet

He seems convinced that Hillary Clinton plastic surgery. “For a 73-year-old woman, I would expect to see a more wrinkled forehead with wrinkles and lines around the eyes,” continued Dr. Ross Perry. And this is not the first time that the former Democratic candidate for the US election has faced such rumors. In 2015 in his book Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary, the journalist Edward Klein already assured that her husband “wanted her to have a facelift”. According to him, a surgeon had even installed a “mini operating room” in their house “. Her claims were not supported by concrete evidence and Hillary Clinton / Hillary Clinton plastic surgery never wanted to speak out on it.

hillary clinton plastic surgery

Hillary Clinton plastic surgery and elected all surgery

Hillary Clinton / Hillary Clinton plastic surgery announced a few days ago her presence in the presidential race. To do this, he has put all the meat on the grill. Including your own. I mean, you‘ve lost some weight and literally gave yourself a makeover for the better. Any excuse is valid to get closer to the middle class and win a few votes. Why else have you stuck the last 12 months submitting your bio? Such a beating, signing copies from city to city, was a clear pre-election campaign.

As confirmed to LOC by the plastic surgeon Federico Mayo, there is evidence that Bill’s wife and a Democratic candidate for the White House have laid down on an operating table to take 15 years off her shoulders. As much as the entire electorate knows her age and that she is the grandmother of Charlotte, her daughter Chelsea’s one-year-old girl, Hillary for America, that’s her slogan, she wanted to look prettier and younger. Show by your looks that you are ready to “run the world.”

“They have done a good job on him, but his appearance is unnatural, because his face is a bit swollen. Over the years, the face loses firmness and falls, giving the impression of greater thinness and more marked bones, which vulgarly It is called ‘amojamarse’. Hillary has had fat infiltrated in her cheekbones and she is not fat, you can tell that they are not hers “, says Dr. Mayo, to add:” In any case, they have given her a wonderful comprehensive facelift , including the neck, and a blepharoplasty [eyelid surgery]. Also, Botox may have been put on his forehead to smooth it out. “

Hillary has been one of the pioneering policies in recognizing the importance she places on her image. At a conference, he advised attendees to always be well groomed. For example, for this candidacy she has lightened her hair even more to appear warmer and closer to the citizen.

If you look deeply, you will see that Hillary is not wearing makeup or jewelry. His clothes are very Armani, simple and straightforward in lines, with basic colors like navy blue, red and white, the tones of the US flag. She does not want to stand out, she prefers not to be identified with that snobbish and bourgeois first lady that she became in the past, that lady who did not miss any social appointment in the 90s, when her husband was the leader of the first world.

She is interested in transmitting that she was really her husband’s advisor, the one responsible for the political successes of his legislature and that thanks also to her, to her accurate management of the matter of the Mónica Lewinsky scholarship, her marriage emerged from public scorn.

But all that is past water and has already shown that it is the antithesis of Ana Botella. She has prepared thoroughly to be the first US president elected at the polls and has already started campaigning.

The first thing he has done is to record a video in which all the profiles he wants to captivate are represented: a lady about to retire, a gay couple, a girl expecting her second baby, a Hispanic American citizen … Hillary Clinton / Hillary Clinton plastic surgery addresses the citizen with a more conversational language than before and sends an ambiguous, but the intelligent message. She says she wants to be America’s advocate. Defender, in English, it is said ‘champion’, a term that also means champion/champion. A play on words for the double meaning of the word that had its tweet revolution as soon as the video was seen and that has served as an anecdote for the story.

Hillary Clinton Biography

Hillary Diane Rodham was born on October 26, 1947, in Chicago, Illinois. Her parents Hugh and Dorothy, Methodist Protestants, regularly drive her to the temple, along with her two brothers, Hugh and Tony. His childhood was also marked by politics, under the influence of a young pastor, who introduced him to Martin Luther King. The young girl, very brilliant, follows an exemplary school career and attends prestigious establishments. In 1965, she joined Wellesley College, reserved for young girls from good families, then entered Yale University to pursue a course in law in 1970. It was at the library of the establishment that she met. decisive in his life, that of Bill Clinton. In 1973, she graduated and began to practice her profession as a lawyer specializing in children’s rights.

In 1975, Bill Clinton, a native of Arkansas, decided to get into politics. Hillary joined him and the couple married the same year. She continued her career in a renowned law firm – which earned her two awards among the top 100 most influential lawyers in the United States – until 1978 when Bill Clinton became Governor of Arkansas. The couple entered the White House in January 1993. Hillary Clinton / Hillary Clinton plastic surgery got involved in politics and played an official role there, a first for a first lady of the United States. Bill Clinton appoints her among the advisers in charge of considering health reform. But the project did not see the light of day and was abandoned two years later. Under the presidency of her husband, she was elected Senator of the State of New York in November 2000, a few months before leaving the White House, in January 2001.

Hillary Clinton / Hillary Clinton plastic surgery in turn launches into the political arena. It stood out during the attacks of September 11, 2001, in New York, omnipresent on the ground with the families of the victims. In 2006, his term in the Senate was renewed and his popularity soared. She published her autobiography, My Story, in 2004 and came to France to promote it. She is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the 2008 presidential election but fails against Barack Obama in the primaries. In January 2009, she took up the post of Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and becomes one of the strengths of his former rival. In December 2012, when she wanted to end her duties as Secretary of State, Hillary suffered a thrombosis following a concussion. His hospitalization and his convalescence took him away from the political scene for a while. In April 2015, Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for the Democratic primary for the 2016 presidential election.

On the private side, Hillary and Bill Clinton have a daughter, Chelsea, born February 27, 1980. They are grandparents of a little Charlotte born September 27, 2014. In 1998, despite the scandal of the Monica Lewinsky affair, former Intern at the White House, Hillary Clinton / Hillary Clinton plastic surgery remains unwavering support for her husband.

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