How to lose weight after pregnancy fast

lose weight after pregnancy, it is normal to gain weight. This varies between a few kilos and several dozen depending on the woman. Among them, some struggle to regain their initial weight after childbirth. What are the techniques for successfully gaining lose weight after pregnancy and how to do so easily?

lose weight after pregnancy

Why do we gain weight during pregnancy?

Gaining weight when you are pregnant is quite normal. This is because the body seeks to store reserves in order to be able to provide for the needs of the child during pregnancy and after childbirth, in the case of breastfeeding. Thus, the weight that we gain is generally lost again after childbirth, ( lose weight after pregnancy ) if we have not exceeded a certain threshold. Indeed, the difficult pounds to lose are those which are in excess, and which are transformed into fat installed in the adipose tissues. In fact, losing weight after pregnancy can sometimes take a long time, because the pounds have set in and you are often more static and busy after an infant arrives home. But don’t panic: regaining your initial weight is quite possible.

Losing weight after childbirth ( lose weight after pregnancy ): how to do it?

To be able to lose weight after pregnancy, it is necessary to rebalance food and to make the physical effort. As soon as you start a slimming program, note your weight and set up a curve in order to be able to note the evolution of your silhouette. This will help you set a goal and be able to track your efforts. Most importantly, don’t give up halfway and keep a balanced diet as good as possible. Favor outdoor trips with baby, those that require physical effort (walks, etc.). Eat foods that are in season, which will keep you healthy and provide you with the nutrients you need while making you feel full. 

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Monitor your diet

In the first few months after giving birth, we sometimes spend most of our time at home. This can have the consequence of promoting dietary differences: sweets between meals, evening snacks, etc. Try to keep a healthy and balanced diet: if you are hungry, eat: do not deprive yourself, especially if you are breastfeeding, because your caloric needs are higher. But eat healthy, that is to say varied, and preferably homemade products. To do this, turn to a vegetable diet made from raw (unprocessed) products, and favor “good” fats: omega 3 (salmon, eggs), vegetable oils, oilseeds, etc. In case of cravings, bet on dried fruits, fresh, or a homemade smoothie. Finally, eat lighter in the evening than at noon.

lose weight after pregnancy

Gently get back to sport

To be eliminated, the fat accumulated during pregnancy can either be burned or be transformed into muscle. In fact, participating in a sport will help you lose weight ( lose weight after pregnancy ) faster and sculpt your body (stomach, abs, thighs, etc.). If you played a sport before pregnancy, you can get back to it little by little. Be careful, after several months of break, your capacities are not the same! Take it slow and don’t force it unnecessarily. The process of losing weight is long and you have to be patient. Also, keep in mind that walking is also a sport! Walking a baby in a stroller for an hour represents a significant loss of calories, as can carrying him in a sling or breastfeeding him. 

Find a flat stomach after pregnancy ( lose weight after pregnancy )

As we have seen, it is the sport that will help you build your belly and make it firmer and flatter. But sometimes it is difficult to find the time to do so when you have a young child at home or when you are breastfeeding. For example, you can invest in a floor mat and organize a home core program. These exercises, in addition to being free, only last a few minutes and can be done at any time of the day. To build the belly and firm the relaxed tissues of the belly, bet on sets of abdominals, or do the plank. Squats will help you build your glutes and firm your thighs.

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